Contractions? Strong and then gone? (Help!)

Chanie • 22 year old first time mom, completely scared out of her mind! Pregnancy was unplanned and happened way too early for us; but ready or not, baby incoming. 😊

I'm 35.3 weeks pregnant and on a trip about 9 hours away from my hospital.

I had a sudden onset of contractions. At first they were weak, about 7-8 minutes apart. But within the hour they had gotten strong (strong enough to be painful unlike BH but not bad enough where breathing was hard or I had to stop talking). My belly would literally harden into a ball. They started coming 3-5 minutes apart, not getting stronger but staying consistently mild. I walked, sat down, ate - nothing changed them. This lasted about 3 full hours, until I finally just gave up and laid down. After laying down for another hour, they started breaking up and became weaker, 10-15 minutes apart. And now, two more hours later, they're very weak and sporadic (maybe one every 30 min).

Was this false labor? Just bad BH? Any opinions or help would be great! Hoping I won't need a trip to the hospital

Have a good bit of pelvic pressure but that's nothing new, baby has been low and head down for a while