my birth story.

Saturday evening I made a post here about feeling sick.. I was throwing up that day and that night I started having diarahea. I swore I was coming down with something and my fiancé said I think the baby is coming! We went to skate city for a family party and boy did I feel miserable.. everyone kept saying she will be here soon.. we got home around 9pm that night and I tossed and turned made serveral trips to the bathroom between 9 and 12am.. around 12:30 I started feeling small contractions and I told my fiancé I think I'm having some contractions he said ok and fell back asleep lol.. 12:56 comes by and I start timing them they are 2-5 minutes apart lastnight 48 seconds.. I said it's time.. 2 am I got in the shower and rinsed off stood under hot water for out woke up my fiancé at 2:15 told him it feels like this is it called my doctor thenon call doctor called back and said come in we will check you out.. got to the hospital at 3am they checked me immediately and I was 5cm dilated fully effaced. They quickly got me into a room and on a dose of antibiotics as I was positive for group b. An hour passes by I'm sitting through contractions and people are coming in and out asking if I wanted an epidural.. I kept declining because epidural didn't work with my first labor and it was a waste of time to me to try again and it not work. I then started getting stronger contractions and felt pressure I got checked and I was 8cm around 5 I said f it I'll try and epidural he came in about 20 minutes after waiting and me being pissed off for waiting so long and finally got it going by 5:45 epidural was in I got the one dose and they checked me I was 9cm... by 6 am it was time to push. I pushed 4 sets each set three times and my beautiful baby girl Loyal Naomi was born @ 6:13 am weighing 8lbs 13oz 21 3/4in looking just like her brother did! Because my labor was so fast we only got one dose of antibiotics so they automatically kept us for 48 hours to watch over babygirl.  I should also mention her brother watched and sat through everything like a champ from the time we left the house to the time she was born! He is 17 months old dad had him back home by 7:30 am and they were able to get some sleep while my mom made it to the hospital and stood with me. I was loosing a lot of blood by 10 am the doctor came in and did an ultrasound she notice I still had some clots in my uterus ... she did what was called a manual sweep where she basically shoved her whole arm up my already sore uterus and cleaned it out.. I can't begin to tell anyone how painful that was for me I didn't drop one tear during labor or contractions but that really had me balling my eyes out.Luckily they got the bleeding under control and I just need iron pills for a few months to get my blood count back up. We are home now and I'm feeling lots of cramps but they said that's normal I'm pretty bruised from all the pushing they did on my uterus and all the medication I took to get it to contract back down. My daughter is doing good. Big brother is still unsure and dad is running around like a chicken with its head cut off making sure we are all token care of.. sorry my story is all over the place just wanted to share!