UPDATE: asking midwife for a membrane sweep

I had my appt today and was still only at 1 cm. I am 38 weeks and 3 days and I was so sad to hear that my cervix wasnt thinned out much either. This is my third! How could this be? Ive been having contractions like crazy and nothing. I decided to ask for a membrane sweep and she said she wanted to do an ultrasound first. My baby girl is measuring a week ahead and is already at 7 1/2 lbs! She checked my fluids and said they were ok but baby will definately be more than 8 lbs at this rate when I have her. I told her about how both of my boys came after their due dates and one was even almost 9lbs. I also told her how my last had pooped while in utero and didnt want to go through another scary situation like that. She then was understanding my concern. She did the membrane sweep and btw was pretty painful. Then she scheduled an ultrasound before her due date and said if my fluids were low she'd schedule an induction. I feel so much better. Yes! Thanks for hearing my concerns! Now im waiting to see if the sweep does anything and I already told hubby we were having sex tonight to help out.