Solid foods

OK so here is the issue when my baby went to his four-month old check up his doctor suggested I start him on solids now because my little one would drink 6 ounces every three hours and she thought that was a lot. So for two weeks we did the rice cereal and he did really well then she told me after two or three weeks then to start some vegetables no fruit yet. So I started the vegetables and he really like that as well and I did that for about two weeks then after that she told me to be the judge and if I felt that he could do breakfast and dinner to start doing that I did but I 5 1/2 months my little one started teething really bad and didn't really want to eat any solids I called the doctor she told me that that was kind a normal due to the fact that his gums were really hurting and might not want to eat and he seemed totally like the bottle and only light when it was kind of on the cooler side because I felt better to his gums so then his six month check up came and the doctor felt that although he was above average and links he was barely making it at his weight that he should be she thought it was due to because he wasn't eating enough solids so now she wanted me to make him eat breakfast lunch and dinner and make sure that he ate every three hours and in between that his milk well his teeth get pop out already so I started trying again a little bit before he went to his check up and you seem to be doing OK except now he can get the rice cereal so we kind of took that out of his diet but I still cannot be able to feed him lunch and breakfast is always a struggle I have to make it really fun for him and for him to be able to open his mouth and everything but he does want to because he doesn't spit it out he doesn't turn his face he eats at dinner is a lot easier to feed him he eats really well during dinner but I just don't see how I can give him lunch and also because my little one takes a little nap during the day he does most of his sleeping at night so he sleeps 10 hours at night so he doesn't wake up till about 8 o'clock and said it's been 10 hours all he wants is to just drink a bottle and then he usually goes back to sleep right after that maybe he'll do an hour of awake time and then he'll go right back to Steve for like an early morning nap then he'll wake up and when he wakes up it's already like 10 almost 11 o'clock so I'm there feeding him breakfast so when should I feed him lunch at three 4 o'clock and then I usually feed him dinner around eight 8 o'clock as fast time is at 9:30 and bedtime is around 10 to 1030. I'm just having a hard time during breakfast and trying to feed him lunch she just doesn't want it and I don't know what to do how to make him eat more and she says it has to be within three hours for instants if you took a nap woke up and it's time for lunch and it's been three hours I need to feed him and the same for breakfast or dinner and then in between that feed him milk I just don't know how to do go about doing this when he doesn't seem to want it I don't want to feel like I'm shoving food down my sons throat with my first baby I didn't have this problem and yes he was a little heavier and he did eat his thre meals and he to started at 4mobths because The same way he would drink 6 to 8 ounces every three hours but I had no problems with him and buy six months because he started so early he did move up to eating three times a day and he would still have 6 ounces of milk and in between that 6 ounces of milk so I don't know how to go about it with this one he's always been a kind of a struggle when it comes to eating when he was breast-fed and bottle-fed he has reflux so maybe that's why I have no idea. Sorry this is so long I'm just kind of at my wits and I don't know what to do and I get nervous and scared because I I want my baby to be you know eating and happy when he eats and that's why don't want to force him but the doctor said I have to because of his weight