Hopeful Symptoms

Hello! My husband and I are tying to get pregnant. We just recently started trying for about a month after I had taken out my Mirena IUD. The day after it was taken out I had a normal period and carefully tracked my fertility window from there. I have about 6 more days before I will be able to take a stick test. But I was wondering what symptoms others have felt just after conceiving and before the missed period. So far I've been having BMs that are almost diarrhea like but not runny quite a few times a day, sometimes I feel like I have nausea and as soon as I feel it, it goes away. Also I thought that maybe I had slight spotting a few days ago after going to the bathroom and seeing a pink hue to my toilet paper but unfortunately was wearing dark panties so I couldn't tell if it was just my hopefull imagination or actual spotting from (hopefully) implantation. I also have gained a few pounds since my fertile window. Keeping my fingers crossed for a positive test in the next couple weeks and a MP, but has anyone else had these kind of things happen to them just after conception??