Embarrassing Story Time

So the other day a friend of mine from college who I always had a HUGE crush on) messaged me so randomly and said "hey we should get together sometime" so obviously I said yes. I went over to hang out and things escalated to the bedroom. So we're having sex, protected sex and very good sex at that, and then I notice that there was a stain on the bed. I immediately knew what had happened. My period came early.... so I stop and I say "hey so there's a stain on your bed" he says "oh no! Really? Where?" When he finds it he just stares at it. After like a minute (which seemed like 3 days to me) he asks... "did you start your period?" I wasn't due until the following week. And he just chuckled and said "I think I made your period come early" I was so embarrassed!!!! He kept insisting not to worry about it but I was so embarrassed that I got up and started taking his sheets off the mattress and immediately put them in the washer... it was the first time this had ever happened I was so embarrassed. Now every time he calls or texts me I just don't reply. Has this or anything more embarrassing than this happened to any of you? Make me feel better please! LoL