No More Pumping!!

So my little girl is three weeks old today and ever since she was born I have had to supplement because my milk supply just wasn't enough for her. I had a breast reduction in 2012 and she just wasn't gaining weight. I was doing literally EVERYTHING you can possibly to do increase supply; drinking a shit ton of water, taking natural supplements, taking prescription domperidone, drinking mothers milk tea, and pumping after every feed AND power pumping a couple times a day. I still wasn't making enough for her to seem satisfied after a feed. .. Well! The other day I was away from home all day with her so I couldn't pump for basically 24 hours. And VOILA! She seemed full after every feed. So I'm not sure what I was doing wrong with the pumping or if I was literally just pumping out all my upper and not having enough time in between feeds to replenish or what it was but I am sooo happy ive figured it! Any other breast feeding mommas had this issue/resolution??