need advice please!!!!!

I post a lot for advice but I'm at wits end. Since we started puréed food 4 days ago my lo has changed completely but not for the good...I know I need to let her become used to it but I'm losing my mind so asking for advice. We started oatmeal a week and a half ago then moved to puréed food. Since the puréed food here's what has happened... She will eat her puréed food (not a whole lot) then starts pushing it out and turning her head so we take I away. She then bangs and cries and freaks out. Won't take a bottle but downs not one but two tablespoons of oatmeal. Then for bedtime she doesn't nurse which when she used to beg for it. She then wakes up 3 sometimes 4 times a night not to eat but just fussy and once to eat. When she does nurse she arches her back and squeals and screams like I'm hurting her the whole time however she is fine with bottles. Her night schedule is breast milk bottle at 530, puréed food after around 550-6 then cereal right after. By time we're done eating she is ready for her normal bath and bedtime at 650 and nurse (attempt to) at 7-715. Any suggestions on what is going on or how I can turn my fussy baby back to her happy smiley self in the evening. Thanks in advanced!!!