Mesiodens in pregnancy.

Lucy 👑

Hi ladies. Not sure if I'm posting in the right area but hey ho,

I have a condition called mesiodens (basically means I have extra teeth growing up from my gums which are crowding my existing teeth). It's extremely painful to eat it drink anything hot or cold. I'm 14+6. Have been suffering really bad with it for nearly 2 months. Made appointments at my dentist but got told I was not suitable for any X-ray's (as I was in first trimester). So basically go home and take paracetamol (which do nothing). This morning it was excruciating (I wanted to rip the bloody teeth out myself) I made an emergency appointment at a different dentist for tomorrow.

Has anyone else experienced this or a similar condition in pregnancy? If so what did your dentist do for you?

Thanks in advance ladies. Xx