Pregnancy/$$/Bills/Stress/ RANT

As my due date gets closer, I'm worrying more and more. About EVERYTHING. While my husband has a great job, lately, we've been getting further and further behind on bills. I have no idea how the hell we accumulated so many. But they gotta go. And fast! I'd give anything to work right now. I'm 32 weeks Friday, so obviously no job for me until after she's born. But even then, daycare will take all of whatever I make, cause there's no decent jobs around here without a degree or many years of experience. Just to cancel the ones that we don't need, it would be $700 up front. That's RIDICULOUS! Like how did this happen?? We have so much going on in addition to my worrying, it doesn't make finding a solution to this any easier. I need to find a way to make some money to pay off and cancel everything without having to use his check and get even further behind. Can I run away to the jungle and just live there forever! Ahhhh!!