long cervix??? what exactly does that mean for labor?

Chelsea • My sweet hubby and I have been together since 2009. Our sweet Madilyn Ann born 11/5/16! We`re finally complete!
I'm 34 weeks with my first. I'm highrisk so I've been seeing my doctor weekly. My little girl has been measuring 2 weeks ahead every ultrasound. She's a little over 5lbs right now. I've been having a lot of pressure and can constantly feel her head. She's been head down for weeks now. My OB did a cervix check after my ultrasound yesterday and she said said I have a long cervix which in her words "isn't the best news".. She said my cervix isn't softening at all yet and she couldn't even feel her head yet. We set an induction date for 38weeks. 
What exactly does having a long cervix mean? Does it mean it won't thin out on its own?? Does it increase my chances of getting a csection? Everything I read online is contradicting so I don't know what to believe..