non-alcoholic beer?

O'Dules? .5% alcohol in it, but still called an "non alcoholic beer"
Is this safe? Are there any with 0%?
My brother is having a Halloween party and everyone gets drunk and I was thinking maybe if it felt like I was drinking a real beer, it'd be a tad bit more enjoyable for me.
And Before I get those self righteous moms saying "why can't you just go 9 months without a beer"... I can. This isn't a priority for me to have a fake beer, I'm literally asking in case I decide to go this route that night. And I would never have real alcohol while pregnant. I don't even allow myself that one glass of wine I'm allowed to have! I just thought for one night I would like to feel like my pre-pregnancy "let loose" self while still doing it safely for my baby. After the baby comes, there won't be many, if any, nights I can go out and try to enjoy myself. My life will be changing drastically in January, and I welcome it with open arms, but I don't think there's anything wrong with what I'm asking now BEFORE the baby comes. And at least I'm asking and trying to be as safe as I can. I just don't want comments like "you shouldn't be having a baby".