super early pregnancy symptoms before bfp???!

So I ovulated on September 30/October 1, yesterday I had cramping, left pelvic pain, and really sore/swollen nipples (which my husband noticed before I did). Today I was shopping and a wave of nausea hit me out of nowhere. Then it passed and has been coming and going for the last hour! I haven't actually gotten sick, just feel nauseous.  I have one son and have had 2 miscarriages since December of last year, with all 3 pregnancies I never really experienced any symptoms at all other than heartburn. I came home and took an ept but it was of course negative since I'm only 5/6 dpo. Also, when I took it I noticed my CM was very thick and creamy, which is the one thing I DO remember from being pregnant previously. Can I possibly have symptoms this soon? I keep telling myself it's all in my head, but the way that nausea hit me out of nowhere today was definitely real. Has been on and off ever since but when it's off I feel completely fine!