Self image depression..

I'm currently 33w3d, and I feel the worst I ever have about my body. I love my baby bump and all but my sisters mad me feel so shitty about myself yesterday. I was talking about how I gained about 30 pounds but don't know where the weight is all going besides my butt, belly and boobs because those are the only things I see getting bigger. Then they all started pointing out all my stretch marks and saying my thighs are fat now, my face is getting fat, etc. I've struggled with eating disorders all my life, I was anorexic and would go days without eating, being a size xxs/xs up until the past 2-3 years I've finally gotten better and started eating and gaining healthy weight. Now I can't even look in the mirror without wanting to cry, I feel huge thanks to them. And looking at my stretch marks makes me feel so shitty. I don't feel beautiful at all anymore. I've also found myself slowly not allowing myself to eat as much either now and I know I have to for this baby, it's like the illness is creeping back into me. Am I wrong for feeling this way. These are me