Feel so alone!

I found out a few weeks ago that I'm expecting, after 7 months of trying - it's my first ever pregnancy and I'm so nurvous and worried as its so early. I'm 5 wks 6 days, according to the app, and I went for my appointment with the midwife yesterday. I was hoping for some support and clarity, maybe even confirmation of some sort, but they didn't even do a pregnancy test! I've taken 4 at home, starting with a faint line then a big bold line a day later. I'm getting all sorts of weird symptoms like nausia and cramps. But it somehow doesn't seem real! I just feel as though at this time, in the early stages, is when mothers need so much emotional support and somewhere they can go with questions. Every time I go for a pee I'm looking for a MC - I have no idea what to expect or what I'm doing - and very aware that anything can happen! The midwife just inputted info, then that was it - wont be seeing anyone else for another 6 weeks! Does anyone else feel kind of abandoned at this stage? Maybe it's just the way it happens in the uk?