Induced tomorrow and so upset and depressed

I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow and being induced and I just feel so depressed. I should be happy and excited but I can't because I'm so fed up of living in my other half parents house. Living here I don't get a day to my self I'm either working cleaning or running round after someone else. I wanted this week to relax before I have my little boy plus iv been in alot of pain but no all iv done is clean and run around after his family. They all promise to help iv done everything myaelf. I get moaned at by my doctor because of my weight and while his mum eats a tasty healthy meal every night I get pizza and burgers and crap brought for me and moaned at if I don't eat them. I live in a house of 5 adults youngest being 19 no one cleans up after them self's I went to go to the toilet earlier and their was s**t round the seat I was nearly sick. How why, lazy idiots didn't even clean it up after they did it. I get talked about behind my back. Other half m is coming to my birth I don't want her there at all she hadn't been supportive or helped in any way so why should she be allowed.. yet if I say no they will all kick off, she keeps trying to tell me what to do when baby gets here yet she don't even move out of bed she is in it 24/7.

Our house stinks of smoke they smoke up stairs and down. I did smoke and I stopped about 4/5 weeks ago as I knew I needed to for baby and my other half and his mum kept moaning at me. Yet they all smoke upstairs babies room stinks of smoke so does mine where baby will be sleeping the whole house does.

I got moaned at because I told her non of babies stuff including his pram was staying down stairs because their dog keeps pissing on everurhing, then I get moaned at because apparently it's not fair or nice to keep baby upstairs in my room all day with me. It's not ideal but my bedroom is clean all his things are in here and the fog can't get in to piss on them..

Don't know what to do anymore. Really want to move but my other half still hasn't got a job and I'm on crappy maternity pay so can't afford the deposit (I live in UK) I just want out wanted to go live with my mum but her place is not big enough it would be impossible so that is not a option.

Any suggestions are more then welcome. Btw iv tried talking to people yet no one listens

Tia and sorry for moaning :(