Unfair presents

Would you belive it is unfair to give your kids an unfair amount of presents? I gave my son a new iPod 5 (32gb) and a watch, candy, the clothes he wanted (2 sweaters, a pair of boots, a leather jacket, a couple R&R shirts and some black jeans), a new swiss knife, a pair of gloves, a wallet, a couple CDs, and beats earbuds (a couple other things) and then a got my  Daughter (she's 13 my son is 16), a gopro (the white addition- the cheapest one) and a camo tshirt and a lip gloss. Is that unfair? I mean she didn't seem to mind. Although she didn't really like the gopro all that much. I'm just kind of worried. I don't really pick favorites I just feel that my son would actually use the stuff I got him everyday. But anyway, is it unfair? How would you feel?