Pregnant and a stepmom? Does your partner do this?

Every time I talk about birth or the scans or anything my partner compares it to my stepson.

I get its his previous experience and it's a big part of his life but I'm getting frustrated.

Whenever I talk about MY pregnancy then he doesn't seem that bothered but as soon as birth or even at scans he starts crying. Not because of being emotional about our baby but because he starts thinking back to my stepson.

Being a stepmom is hard enough without this bullshit comparing and insensitivity towards OUR baby.

Ugh. Don't feel like I can talk to anybody. My biological Mother I've cut out of my life because she's abusive. My stepmother never had a baby of her own and my best friend lost her baby at 8 months so finds it difficult to talk about. The fact I can't even talk to my partner about it is so frustrating. :(