Frustrated to the point of no return

RimA • Trying to live and learn
My bf and I have been dating for three years! And we are just stuck in the same position. He doesn't want to take me anywhere or do anything other than stay at home and watch movies and order in. I always have to fight with him for us to go and do sow thing and then I look like the bad one. And I end up spending the money. He always has excuses of why he cannot go because he as racked up surcharges and has to pay loans and blah blah blah... But when it comes to going out to fix his car and buy something for himself he always has I being used? And he claims he loves me but I don't feel it anymore. We don't go and see his family and he doesn't get along with mine and I am big on family. We all used to be okay until a family issue that made them not talk anymore. Should I move on or work it out?