Is it normal to really resent my husband? I love my baby and haven't felt any negative feelings about him, but I always have thoughts about my husband and how he's not the dad I expected him to be. He really doesn't put an effort in to being a dad. He watches him at night when I go to class, but when we are all home together he won't have anything to do with him unless I hand him the baby so I can pee or pick something up or if I ask him if he wants to get him ready for bed so I can FT my friend he says no. When it comes to just me he's lovable and normal, but when it comes to the baby I feel he doesn't love him and it's hard for me. I have always said my first marriage would be my only and that divorce would never be an option for me, but now I always ask myself if he is the one. Is thay normal postpartum? What should I do? I just cry all the time about it and hate it. I'm also away from all of my family and friends because he's in the military and we are stationed away from home.