Baby is finally here

On oct 11 2016 i became a mom to the most perfect baby... I went into labour at 430 am on oct 10th contracted every 5 mins for a long time i went to the hospital around 8 pm because i was suppose to be induced they checked me when i got there and i was only 3 cm they couldn't do the gel to induce me they sent me home until 8 am i came back to the hospital they got me hooked up with meds due to group B strep around 12 pm they broke my water the contractions got stronger but i only dilated to 3/4 cm.. They got potocin started at 3 pm contractions got strong but still wasn't dilating so by 6 pm i couldnt take the contractions anymore got an epidural slept for 30 mins and it wore off completely they checked me before going to top me up i had dilated to 10 cm so i went natural after 1 hour of pushing i was blessed with my Madison Mya weighing 7 lbs 6 oz and 20 inches long and 9 days over due