single mom as of today.

Erica • Mommy of 1 beautiful baby girl
I'm 19 years old, and I'm 27 weeks pregnant with a high risk pregnancy. The father of my baby decided that he didn't know what he wanted anymore after being together for a year and a half, he strung me along giving me false hope of a relationship, and we just ended it today. Officially. 
I made him my world, I gave him everything, I lost all my friends, not because of him but because we lost touch out of high school and I never met any new friends (except his) since. I have nobody. Except for my parents, and his mom. 
I'm afraid of driving, so I have no way to transport my self around anymore. 
I have no way to take the baby around. 
I have nobody to talk to. To comfort me. Nothing. 
I don't have a job because when I found out I was pregnant I was working in a different province and I quit that job to come stay with him because I thought it was the right thing to do. And now I'm high risk and can't work. 
I have literally nothing. 
What the hell do I do? How do I move on? How do I make friends? How am I supposed to even meet someone new some day who is willing to me with me and be a proper father figure?