just need to keep on track

So I have been trying to play the field. 
I met a really cute guy - traditionally too! We met randomly on the street lol. (No not on my corner 🙄) I was heading home and we were both walking towards eachother - I asked to use his lighter and it went well from there, he asked for my number by the end of the encounter and we texted for 2 weeks straight. We met up when he texted me on a Saturday night .. I know what that means but I was so down I didn't care. 
We had an amazing night! It went so well he didn't even leave till early afternoon the next day. But now I'm confused!? 
He said he had a really good time and wants to hang again...but hasn't made any plans with me . Now I'm freaking out -- I want to hang and I have texted him -- but now I feel like he's so not interested .. do I keep it mind and just be patient, or was it just a one night romance!!? Help!