I just don't understand!

I have developed preeclampsia, my BP is high (148/86) last time it was checked, the protein in my urine is above normal range, I'm nauseas, I have a head ache that won't go away, and I have retained 10 pounds of fluid in two weeks. Do my doctors seem to be concerned? Not even a little! I get told just come back next week and we will do another BP check. Y'all I'm a nurse, I can do my own BP check, I don't need a doctor and a $40 copay to tell me what numbers are saying. I do however need these people to get it together for just a second! But of course we will wait until next week to figure it out. Preeclampsia doesn't get better with out treatment so I'll go in next week just to be told it's still high and then what? They will want to induce me? Uh ok well my husband will be gone all next week 6 hours one way from home, 7 hours from the hospital I'll be delievering at. Yeah we should definitely do that so when I call him to tell him I'm being induced he drives 100mph to get home risking his own life... good idea! Why do people just sit around and waste time?! I'm sorry I just needed to vent.