Baby Girl - Arrived 39 weeks exactly

It happened at 7:30 am. I felt the urge to go pee, after I was finished I stood up but water kept trickling down my leg. I immediately thought oh I can't possibly be peeing myself, I didn't have an issue with not being able to control my bladder during my pregnancy. Then flash back to my prenatal class and immediately "my water broke" came out of my mouth. I couldn't believe it my baby was on it's way! I woke up my husband as his alarm for work went off and told him that my water broke. I'll never forget the smile that came across his face. I took a shower and we got ready for the hospital. I'm a first time mom so I didn't know if this was a false alarm or not so we didn't bring any of our bags into the holidays we left them in the car. The triage nurse confirmed that I ruptured and that I was a pin hole dialated and labour wouldn't be progressing without the assistance of pitocin. I was hooked up and told to take laps of the hospital to kick start the labour. We immediately called the family but told them it would probably be a day before we met the baby. I didn't have a birth plan, I wasn't going to say natural or epidural, I was open for whatever came my way. I never experienced labour before and  I had no idea what baby had planned. It took a couple of hours to start feeling the contractions. I wasn't able to ask for pain medication until I was at least 5 cm dialated, so the majority of the first night was getting to that 5 cm threshold. It was difficult and majority of it was spent in the birthing tub (highly recommend). Once I was able I took the epidural. But something happened because an hour later I started to feel pain but couldn't feel my legs. The epidural only froze my legs and nothing else. They didn't stop the pitocin either so contractions were less than 2 minutes apart and I couldn't get a break. We had to wait for the anestsialolgist to come back to redo the epidural. They stopped the pitocin to allow me to get a break. Once the epidural was redone we were back on the delivery route. By 11 am the next day we were 10 cm and ready to push! I was so scared. I didn't know what to expect. After two and a half hours of pushing I just didn't have anything left to push with. I was immediately wheeled to an OR where they assisted my delivery with forceps. This was a scary moment for me and all I did was keep my eyes shut while my husband assured me everything would be ok. I was so frozen I couldn't feel any contractions so they had to tell me when to push. We didn't know the gender at this point so the 10 nurses and three doctors were trying to guess while trying to keep me calm. Three big pushes and the doctor said open your eyes and see what you's a girl! We were so surprised as we both thought it was going to be a boy! The reason I couldn't push her out was she was 9 lbs 1 oz and had a 13 inch head! She got stuck and no matter how long go would have pushed I needed help. Adeline was born at 1:10 pm and we were instantly in love! My husband tended to Adeline while the doctors looked after me. I suddenly started to feel not right and my stats started to decline. I've never seen a team work so fast to get everything right again. It was painful and I lost over a litre of blood but the team did an amazing job, and I'm here with my husband enjoying our new baby girl. We have to trust that we are in good hands and that the nurses and doctors are there to support us. I cannot thank them enough, they are truly angels.