Advice Please!! Does this make me crazy?


So I know this might make me seem like a horrible person but I need opinions. I think I've decided to start actively ttc without telling my fiancé. He really wants a baby and we talk about it all the time but he always get discouraged. I got my bfp in March and he was over the moon. But miscarried. We agreed to start ttc after the wedding. But I was thinking I could take all the steps like tracking bbt, checking cm, and using opks without telling him. He's always in the mood to bd so I don't think he will catch on. Idk I just think that if I don't tell him he won't be stressed or disappointed. He puts so much pressure on himself and I don't want him to be let down. I figured I could do the things I needed to and if I don't get my bfp before the wedding. I'll fill him in and we can start ttc together after we are married next fall.