Breakup Sex

My boyfriend of 3.5 years and I broke up last week. We had a long and necessary talk about our futures and just decided that we are not compatible long term. It was devastating and I left afterwards and cried for a few days. Then I started thinking that our relationship deserved a better ending. We had so much fun, we still love each other, and we both love sex.
So I saw him last night to exchange our things and we talked for a bit and then we slept together. It's so cheesy to say but the experience was kind of beautiful. To feel close to him one last time was a gift and we told each other how much we've meant to each other and we held each other and afterwards I lay there memorizing everything I could about his face and body. Short term, this may have made things harder, but I think ending like that did justice to our relationship and I'm so glad I have that memory.