Consoling a friend after losing a child.

Hello. I'm looking for some advice. A friend of mine that I have grown up with lost her baby at 40 weeks.... Doctors aren't sure what happened even after tests were done...They think it might have had something to do with the placenta.... This girl and I aren't best friends but we have grown up together and our families are friends... I was due around the same time as her. I ended up having my baby five weeks early and her and I were talking three days before her due date about how we couldn't wait to have play dates with our children. Now her abs her husband are going through the unthinkable. My question is how can I be there for her? I have no idea what to say. She contacted me and told me she wanted to give me some of the things she had for her baby and that breaks my heart for her.... She didn't contact me again after she said she wanted to give me the stuff, which I understand it was probably too difficult for her. For those who had to go through this difficult time what are some things people did or things that helped bring you confront... I want to be a comfort to her, even if that means leaving her alone. I just don't know.