Anxiously waiting...


My husband and I did our first round of back to back IUIs this month and we are anxiously awaiting our BFP....and nothing yet.


Clomid CD4-9

12/10- Trigger shot of HcG

12/11- <a href="">IUI</a> 6 million post wash

12/12- <a href="">IUI</a> 23 million post wash

The nurse said to wait 2 weeks and 2 days to test (which would be today) to ensure the trigger was out of my system...and BFN. I don't have any AF symptoms like I usually do: really sore boobs for an entire week, a day of moderate cramps, and mood swings. Those are all normal for me, but I haven't experienced any of them. I've had lots of twinges and stabbing sensations, even butterfly like fluttering...but no cramps.

My question is, would the Clomid and trigger shot cause me to not have my normal AF symptoms?? I'm trying to not get my hopes up thinking I'll get my BFP due to lack of AF symptoms but I'm feeling things I've never felt and not experiencing the things I usually do.

Also, the nurse said that if I didn't get pregnant this month, the trigger shot would cause me to start my period on time. Glow says that I should have started today...but lately my cycles have been about 27 days, so I could already be few days late.