Prenatals are making me SO sick

Shayenne • • Boy Mom to Hudson & Theodore ❤️ • Cat Lady 🖤
So i'm almost 8 weeks pregnant and i've felt extremely sick. Like my stomach is in a constant state of unrest. I've been taking prenatals for about 4 weeks now and that's as long as the symptoms have been. I've been so sick to the point where i can barely eat and can only drink small amounts of water. At first i thought it was the baby but i decided to test my husbands theory and stoped taking my prenatals for 2 days and almost instantly the symptoms let up. I ate what i wanted, i slept well, i even got to drink orange juice. 
 I know i need to take the vitamins, so i was wondering what type you guys take? And what you think would be best for someone with such a sensitive stomach like mine? 😬