seriously?? I have to get this off my chest

My SO told me that if I get too exhausted to wake him up in the middle of the night to help with the baby.
I had already been up a few times with her, and she was up again wanting to eat and needing to be changed.
I was so exhausted I asked him to please get up and feed and change her. 
His response was "UGH, we'll go warm me up a bottle for her."
If I have to get out of bed to warm up a bottle of milk then I might as well just tend to her myself! The whole f*cking point was that I am exhausted and didn't wanted a chance to keep sleeping.
He hasn't been any sort of help since she had been born! It's so annoying, and he goes back to work Monday-so it will only get worse.
Why have a kid of you don't want to help take care of her? He thinks he gets to pick and choose only fun stuff?
Does he not realize that i change 95% of the diapers. Get up at least 4 times a night with her. Do all her laundry and change her every day.  How the hell does he think she gets taken care of and why the hell does he think he doesn't have to contribute to that???
--sorry, had to get that off my chest!