29weeks and lots of watery discharge??

Dajah • Im Dajah yes like Deju vu i am 23 and have been with my husband for 7 years married since 2/2014 we have a beautiful 4 year old daughter.

Hi everyone thanks in advance for the advice and replys.

So I am 29 weeks and for the past 2-3 days have been noticing I am having more watery discharge than normal. I usually notice this when i wake up in the mornings or right before bed if im sitting with out pants. Ive had discharge my whole pregnancy so far but it has been more watery the past few days anyone else experienced this? It's the weekend so the doctors office is closed and I don't want to make a trip to the ER if I'm just over reacting. We had a U.S this past Monday the 10th and they said everything looked good and fluid looked great.