Se advice would really help!! Thanks!!

Okay so long story short I really like this guy and I have been questioning if he feels the same way!! So on Christmas family met up..(I don't celebrate chrismas but our family takes the time to have a dinner an have fun!) so at first we were all in his room and my sister kept saying to the others get out him and my sister needed to talk in private!! That's what happened at first then later I was really upset and I went where he was and he said you're missing something in your life and other things but hat doesn't really matter! And then the next day I was working with my sister and as it was time for closing I was talking to we about it and she doesn't know that I like him or have feelings for him and I told he what he said a she started laughing and as a joke he said next time say what am I missing you dick" lol just a joke!! And then out of no where she says "omg maybe he does like you and that's why his dad is so nice to you, how about I he does would you say yes and date him?" And of course I pretend and say no!! But keep in mind that the guy I like tells my sister everything!! And then today I'm in the car with my sister and I'm obviously pretending and said " so I'm dating someone" and my sister says "for how long" and I say "I think for 2 months" and she then guesses and says his name! And I say no it was just a joke! And then later we saw him and he hugged me and seemed really happy! So yeah that's kinda a long story short!! But I would just like to get some advice and see others opinions!! And the whole big question is if you think he likes me!!