Bleeding in Early Pregnancy? TMI warning.


I've posted this under general sex and relationships, but I thought it might help to post it here as well...

I'm pregnant. I took a HPT Christmas <a href="">eve</a>, it came back positive, but very faint. I took another HPT Christmas day, again it was positive, but a little darker. Merry Christmas to me! ?

Anyway.. on the 26th I started what I believed to be my period (pinkish, brownish blood when I wiped, some red specks in the toilet) and was immediately disappointed. But I went to the hospital to have a blood pregnancy test done to confirm. Yes, I was indeed pregnant, but according to the Doctor I was VERY early. He told me my 'pregnancy number' was at 29, and that bleeding this early could be normal, and that it can happen in the first trimester.

I'm due to take another blood test tomorrow to see if my number raised any, and to follow up with my OB after that.

Well.. I'm still bleeding, not enough to fill a full pad (doctor advised me not to use tampons) there's more blood when I wipe and in the toilet than in the pad, and it's red, like a regular period, except lighter than my normal period, and very mild cramping.

Pretty much what I want to know, is if I should be worried about this? He told me it was normal, I've had other women tell me it's normal, but It's hard to keep calm when you're pregnant and bleeding, obviously, and I've been making myself sick over this.