First Pregnancy and First Miscarriage

I got my first pos hpt 13 days after my missed period in November. I got a confirmation that same week from a free clinic. I called and scheduled an appt at my ob and they wouldn't see me til Dec 26th. My SO and I were happy and started to plan on moving etc etc. I had noticed some spotting and was told it was normal then I noticed I started bleeding. I ended up leaving work early to go to the er. They did an ultrasound but didn't give me any info. They just gave me a rh shot and sent me home. Had an appt with my ob the same day they did an ultrasound and more blood work. Gestational age was 4wks 6days. Had me come back for more tests 3 days later to compare hcg levels. Went home and napped. Woke up to severe pain. My ob called and said that my hcg levels dropped 200 plus and I was going to have a miscarriage. I was/am devistated. In the past 2 days I've passed tissue and possibly baby as well. I don't know how I'm going to get over this. I'm hoping they'll be able to find out what the sex was so I can get a tattoo for my little angel?????