I had my IUD taken out Feb

Joshalynn • Mom of a beautiful boy Samson, 5 years old. Another beautiful one due Sept. 1st 2015!
I had my IUD taken out Feb. 2014. I assumed we'd get pregnant right away. No such luck. In about September we got pretty discouraged and I disengaged from glow. I took a little break. Then in November I started tracking again. This cycle I felt our timing was good. I get ovulation pains and we had some luck BDing before and around ovulation day. For the last week I've been feeling sick in the evenings and almost everything is making me gag. I have a week stomach so it wasn't that big of a concern. For the past 3 to 4 days I've had pretty sore breasts and I thought it could either be AF coming or a pregnancy. I waited to test until after Christmas, AF due today 12/28/14, incase we were disappointed again. Finally went to the store today and got a few tests. Took the test and got our first BFP! I was in shock! My husband and I are so excited and our almost 6 year old will be too. Can't believe #2 is on the way! Thank you to the Glow community for your help. Still have to take another test and see MD to confirm, but we are on cloud 9 for now.