FMLA- How does it work?

Backstory: My husband recently agreed to act as an Interim General Manager out of town several hours away. When agreeing to it he was told 4-5 weeks which would put him out there until mid January. He also recently received a promotion as a General manager at the location he normally works at and per his offer letter it starts February 2nd. In the email with the offer letter his boss stated that they needed to put a date on the offer letter but he'd actually still be stationed out of town until mid February! I'm due at the end of Feb and now I'm feeling extremely nervous and scared that I'm going to go into labor and he won't be around. I'm also mad because he never agreed to this. Also, in the email, his boss stated there is a conference out of state he'd need to attend the first week of March! My due date is Feb 28th. If I'm late, there is a chance he'd miss the birth. Or I'll have a couple day old newborn I will have to care for all by myself as a first time mom. I'm hoping to go natural but I do have gestational diabetes which leads to a bigger baby and there is a chance I could have a c-section. There are just so many things that could happen and not having my husband around is really scaring me. His boss said, "don't worry, the conference is only four days!" I just feel like he's been taken advantage of a lot and now this is crossing the line. So my question is, could we use FMLA here for him? At least for the first few weeks? Or is that only something the company offers?