Upset ?

My daughter went with her father and his girlfriend to his family's Christmas dinner today!  I had to go pick her up because she called me and told me she wanted to come home!  I thought that was odd, but I didn't question it because that's why she has a phone to call me and I will get her wherever. Anyway I got there to pick her up and her dad was so mad he almost hit my car, then I told her to get in, and as we drove away I asked her why did she want to come back & she told be because her dads girlfriend was picking on her the whole time!!!!  I am livid this is the girl that locked her in a bathroom with no lights on when she was 5.  I am trying to keep my cool but my patients are wearing then and I am ready to kick her Ass.  I want to know if I have grounds to get supervised visitations ?!?