Welp I was due November 5th with a baby girl. Went to my first doctors appointment on Tuesday, October 19th at 2, was told that I wouldn't be pregnant for no longer than a week. Went to my second doctors appointment at 4, was told I'm being induced tonight. I cried. I was nervous and panicking. My blood pressure was high and I didn't want anything to happen to my baby nor me. I had a horrible hospital experience but a great delivery thanks to my mom, fiancé, my fiances grandma and aunt for the support and cheering me on! I just want to say that <a href="">Glow app</a> gave me a way to vent and learn how and what pregnant women and first time moms experience all over the world! And now I finally get to say meet my beautiful pink baby, Serenity Faith Ryan. 10/20/16 11:01 pm 4lbs 7oz  😍💋