Possibility? Or just give up?


Hello ladies,

So I got my nexplanon birth control out 9/20 because my husband and I decided we were going to try for #3. I started my period the day it came out and it lasted for 7 days. Because of the nexplanon my periods were super irregular but my ob said I could try right away. So I downloaded this app and started tracking and based on my CM I ovulated 10/4. Well we've been doing the bd since 9/29 and still no AF. I should have at least gotten AF by now right? I tested today after testing 3 days ago and bfn! I have symptoms and have visibly gained weight (thanks to my supervisor for noticing), and constant trips to the bathroom and nausea. Is it all in my head? Should I wait to test again? I don't want to get my hopes up but I really want to know now