Pregnitude & PCOS

I am 26 and TTC #1 with my husband. I have PCOS. I stopped taking my BCP in May and did not get AF June - November. I was sort of stalking these boards and some others online. I read a lot about Pregnitde and decided that it was worth a shot. I began taking it diligently around Thanksgiving. My doctor started me on Metformin around the same time. On Christmas, AF arrived for the first time without BCP since I was 16 (10 years!!!!)
My husband and I are super eager. I am currently working to lose weight as I am considered obese. 
I am also tracking my BBT and logging into Glow daily. 
I'm really just here to see if anyone else has had any success with Pregnitude. I'm very excited about getting AF this month!! I'll take that as a bit of success worth celebrating!!