Huh?🤔 what just happened?

Meet my friend almost two yrs ago. He saw me as a FWB. He recently admitted to me after a yr. I told him I don't do FWB and it's not me. I like the emotional connection too. I stopped talking to him. ONE day I get a call from my phone and it was him. We talked saying he was back in town. Etc etc. My response was "and?" "I was trying to reach out to you for the past to weeks while I was in CINCY." "Okay. I don't think it's best that we see each. You see me as a friend and let's keep it like that " and that was it. I had a bad feeling something was wrong with him i call, we met up. Yeah he wasn't himself. ALL over the place. Made out, left him blue balls. I felt great!! He didnt. Couple days later didn't hear from him so it was like whatever. Before I start my class I got a call from only an area code. It was him. But in the hospital. His Bipolar disorder episode started. Telling me to call him etc. I didn't couldn't get the hospital. He called me we talked. Three days straight he would call. Two days we didn't talk. But he would call and give me updates on his health and release days, when he will be back in AZ etc etc. One day When I miss his call...I sometimes call his cell phone. It would ring but voice mail. His mom called me back, same info about his health. He would talk about us being together. How i should visit Cincinnati. Etc. Knowing him, of course it was just words. Yesterday it was his release day. He called to let me know. He talked about being together, I have to visit Cincy. Told him I can't and more. And if he remembered telling me he saw me as a friend/fwb? "Yes, but I didn't mean it." I said, "you were just pulling that up your ass, to shut me up?" "No I didn't mean it." We ended the conversation on a good note. I guess. I went to work and texted me. But from my ipod...late in day when I got home I saw he messaged me. "Hello" i reply, "yay you are home." Today...nothing. so I texted him, I asked him why the mind games or leading me on? He replied saying, "i have a gf in CINCY now. I met her in the hospital." From yesterday and two weeks before until now. 360. I'm fine that he has a I wont be able to trust him again after what he told me. BWF. But why didn't he tell me earlier? Or weeks ago?

Sorry it's long but yeah. Advice would be great!! :) Oh he is 30 too. But acts like a man child? Yeah.