What do I do?

This may be long, I just want everyone to have all the info so they can tell me how to move forward with this.
We did not have a name when my son was born, not even a list of names we liked. He was born and three days later we still didn't. The nurse told me to pick one because it would be harder to change from "baby boy" later. We picked two we thought were ok at the time and literally flipped a coin. At eight weeks old we thought about changing it but couldn't agree on ANYTHING and I got frustrated and said let it go. 
Four months later Its back and to the point of it causing some serious issues with me . It breaks my heart and just doesn't feel right. Honestly makes me sick. And I feel so badly about it. I'm scared it's going to haunt me for years and years. Maybe longer. 
My husband said to change it now, and it was fine but do it before he knows his name more. Well we Picked Logan and I was confirming his middle name (after me picking 5 others I thought fit him well) and he told me "I don't like Logan, it's weird". 
I asked him how I'm supposed to change his name if he won't tell me what he likes and he said "I can't think of him with any other name now, just pick whatever the hell you want and I'll learn to like it but I want nothing to do with this". 
So now I don't want to change it at all knowing he feels this way. I get he's frustrated and I don't blame him but I won't name him something e doesn't like. It's solving one problem to cause another. How do I even change it now knowing this? 
Should I still change it? Or should I suck it up and learn to live with it?
What do I do????