After taking 50mg Clomid I got a period but bloodwork says I didn't ovulate?

So I took 50mg CD 3-7, U/S on CD 12 shows I had a 14mm follicle, CD 15 OPK was a blazing positive, CD 24 bloodwork shows my progesterone only got to 1 and the nurse says I didn't ovulate, and then I got my period (no Provera or anything to induce it) on what would have been CD 27. I'm confused! Why would I have gotten the positive OPK or my period if I didn't ovulate? Anyone have any insight? I tried to ask her but she didn't really explain. They're upping my dose to 100mg so I'm fine with it either way but I don't understand. 
ETA: I even got sore boobs 4 or 5 days past my positive OPK and still have them so I feel like I definitely had the hormone shift and everything between ovulation and my period.