Blights ovum

For almost the past 2 weeks I've had some light bleeding. At first it started out brown, my doctor brought me in and did a Pap smear and said its normal and its old blood (I was about 6.5 weeks then). After that exam is when the spotting picked up. Christmas <a href="">Eve</a> it began to get a little more of a dark red and noticed it would lessen once I was off my feet and didn't occur when I was sleeping. I spoke with the doctor again last night and got in for an ultrasound this morning. They measured me at 4.9 weeks and there is a sac but nothing in it, so recheck in 2 weeks. They aren't thinking it will progress, and is a blighted ovum. Not having much hope here....hope your doctors will listen to you more than mine did since the doctor today said that I should have never been told everything was fine without an ultrasound. I know I told my family early (on Christmas) and I'm sad to have to tell them, but at least I have a big support system.