PCOS-The Bad News Continues


Went back to the doctor today, and was prescribed Yaz birth control to regulate my hormones, and Celexa for my mood swings/depression/anxiety. She said pregnancy is on the back burner for a while because she has to get my body healthy before I will ever be able to get pregnant. She's very worried about the rate my ovaries are swelling, and said if my hormones aren't regulated the swelling will continue which can cause my ovaries to rupture and can kill me. (Not at all what I was expecting out of this appointment)

She ordered MORE blood work, and I have to go back to the hospital this Friday to do an insulin resistance test which she said will take about two hours.

I'm no closer to getting pregnant than I was before, and she informed me that I need to start preparing myself for the possibility that I may never have children. She did assure me that I have plenty of time for a baby because I'm only 23, but right now her only focus is getting me healthy.

Does it ever get easier? If I wasn't depressed before, I sure am now. Now I have to figure out how to explain all of this to my husband tonight. ?