my husband has been so insensitive

After 2 miscarriages, and DESPERATELY trying to get pregnant with no luck, i decided that I want to try preseed. I just started my fertile week, and since I don't drive I've been telling my husband to stop off at Walmart after work, or take me there and pick up the kit, and he's just so damn lazy saying he's tired and just wants to go sleep, but instead sits on fantasy football and tv until 2 am!!! And when I point out to him that he's acting selfish by making excuses for not going he tells me to shut up and that it isn't true! I am borderline depressed if not there already! Idk what to do. He's sooooo frustrating sometimes. I can't deal with this bs. I love him to death, but ugh I don't have the energy. Idk how to explain what im feeling. Mad? Numb? ... nothing. I feel nothing. 
UPDATE:Thank you all for commenting! He's actually dying to have another child. And it's not like he's depressed or anything, he's perfectly fine. He's just not taking trying to conceive seriously and it just hurts. 
This morning while he's in the shower I jumped in with him and tried to kiss him and he moved back and said no I'm going to be late for work, and got out of the shower. That was a shitty feeling being rejected like that. the more I think about the more horrible i feel. Him and I haven't been on a romantic date since last year. No one to babysit, lack of money, and again.. him being lazy. He puts no effort into the relationship it's always up to me to make the first middle and last moves. I'm the one that always has to compromise when we have a fight. Ugh. I try and make a romantic atmosphere with what we have. I always get him presents with money I should spend on myself. Our anniversary and my birthday passed. I got him an expensive gift for our anniversary and he got me nothing he didn't even bother telling me happy anniversary and ended up GOING OUT with his brother!!!  My birthday passed, we were supposed to go to dinner, he picked a fight with me over the smallest thing just so we don't go out. And when I talk to him about it he Denies it and says I'm full of shit