Anyone Else Paranoid Between Dr visits?

Taylor • Married. Brooks born 8/2015. Baby Eleanora Quinn due May 2018. 💞
I had my first visit a couple of weeks ago, and had my first ultrasound on Christmas <a href="">Eve</a>. We got to see and hear the heartbeat and I measured right on track. I can't help but be paranoid until my next visit when we hear the heartbeat again on 1/13. Am I crazy for this? It's our first baby, we conceived our first month trying. We're 21-22 years old, and healthy. I just get so nervous that even though I just had a scan something will go wrong, with all of the posts about mc on the app and other places. Has anyone else figured out a way to have peace of mind? My husband and I are super excited to be parents, but I just feel like I haven't let myself get completely ecstatic because of being nervous. This drives me nuts! :(