Sex Basics

So I'm going to start off by saying I grew up on a farm to extremely religious parents who homeschooled my 4 little sisters and I. That being said, I was never exposed to sex topics as a kid. I'm currently 20 and am engaged to be married next Sunday. I have very little outside friends, and it's an arranged marriage, so as you can imagine, I'm a tad uncultured. My fiancé and I are both Mormon so we strongly believe in abstinence. I know I will most likely be having sex on my wedding night but I have no idea what to do!!! I already tried Googling stuff but it was a nightmare! I found a bunch of stuff that seemed completely ridiculous and it was kind of traumatizing. This is already very embarrassing but can someone just please explain to me what to do? I don't want to be a porn star or anything I'm just very confused. I know his penis basically has to go inside me but I don't want to "pop" or anything can someone please help?