Thinking of changing my doctor

Has anyone gotten to the point of possibly starting IUIs and decided to change OBGYNs? My husband and I have been doing fertility testing, clomid, blood drawls, and whatever else my doctor has had a nurse suggest to us. Everytime I have a test done (large or small) they NEVER call me with the results when they say they will. Example: they told me they would call me with the results on my day 21 testings by lunch since I always have them early in the morning, and they Never call with the results in a two day window. I always end up calling for the results and my docs nurses make me feel like an idiot for calling and don't seem too pleased that I called. Had an HSG test
Done on the 19th and still haven't heard from my doctor on what he wants to do next since everything came back normal. I was supposed to hear from his office on the next business day. The only reason I know everything came back normal was bc of the doc who did the testing. She had been through fertility herself, and sat down to discuss things with me. I realize I'm not the only patient, and I am not trying to be annoying to the nurses, but it makes me frustrated when they tell me I will have results by a certain time and I never do. Thinking of changing over to the OBGYN who did my HSG. If she has done fertility twice maybe she will have a better idea of how I feel.